Tactic of the Day: Social Network Targeting

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09/02/2013 18:30

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hack-gear Journal of Information Warfare

Strategy & Tactics talks about information warfare, specifically with the application of strategy & tactics. This will evolve into a journal of concepts based on physical and psychological warfare, and eventually become organized by topic.

Intelligence: Information of significance. From an IW perspective, this has to do with asset maps (networks, systems, etc.), defensive and offensive posture, and systems inventory.

Deception: It is important to appreciate the value of deception in any warfare situation. Information warfare is no different. Is a planted virus outbreak just a flash fire to be patched around, or is it a method to divert assets while a real attack is in place, such as theft of intellectual property? Such covert acts can often be lost in the noise of the outbreak.

Reconnaissance: This is the act, for the most part, of gathering intelligence. Most initial recon should use stand-off activity; that is, using search engines (like Google and Google cache), DNS sites (like DNS Stuff), and fingerprint sites (like Netcraft). Once stand-off recon is complete, active recon is likely next. This could include electronically touching systems, like sending a bogus e-mail and analyzing the DSN; to surveillance and social engineering.

Note: This is a project in progress.