22-may-14 11:25

essential gear for hackers -


In an effort to provide the LATEST tools, other sites do a better job than we could ever hope for.  Here are a few:

livecdlist: A huge list of bootable unix ISOs for most tasks. Knoppix, Whoppix, and a host of others.

nessus unix based vulnerability tester (leaves huge footprint!)

Packet Storm  More mainstream IP/Sec consulting.  Really nice look to it, plus well laid out.

Securiteam: Lots of code and exploits

superscan a simple, easy to use windoze port scanner (no stealth options).

tor the onion router sponsored by the eff. You should support the eff.

UNICODE Use UNICODE to slip past low end IDSs.

The Metasploit Project Grab the Framework Download

Backtrack Start here!

VMWare Grab VMWare Player and/or VMServer (deprecated). Very handy for running Backtrack and "sacrificial workstations."